Robyn can’t fight cancer alone please join in her fight

How to help

From cake sales to quizzes there are so many events you can organise for Robyn. Organising an event for Robyn can be really easy!

Where do I start? We’ll explain to you how you can easily organise your own event.

1. Decide what sort of event you'd like to run
Your first step is deciding the kind of event you’d like to run. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel – check out what others have done for inspiration and read the Robyn’s Life Fundraising Event Guide for tips, tricks and guidance. Download the Robyn fundraising guide to get an idea on what event you can do. 

2 - Register your event with us
When you have decided what kind of event you’d like to organise, please fill in the Event Registration Form.

3 - Start your campaign and spread the word!
Tell everyone – your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances. If you’d like to gain some local press coverage, why not download the Robyn’s Life Information sheet and event poster template to help advertise your event for Robyn. Consider setting up a Facebook event page and invite everyone on your friends list and get them to share it. 

How will Robyn’s Life Trust support me?
We have helped many people to organise fundraising events and can advise you on everything from insurance, to permits to setting up online registration for your event. If you need fundraising materials for your event let us know and we can provide you with sponsorship cards, posters, t-shirts and more. Just let us know what you need.

Everything you need to know should be covered in the Fundraising Event Guide but if you need any more help please email us at 

How can I fundraise online?
iDonate has an online fundraising tool which is great for setting up events online. Visit the Robyn’s Life idonate page and you can set up a page now and start fundraising from the comfort of your armchair!